chinese jailbreak tool

Chinese Jailbreak Tool

Chinese Jailbreak Tool will unlock(jailbreak) your windows phones and gives you the ultimate   ability side load Xap's (install to Your Windows Phone) third party,Pached,Cracked apps and games for absolutely Free , it gives ability to your Windows Phone Device for installing the external games & apps from any on the Internet, I mean once you are done with your windows phone device jailbreaking, from that moment you can download game or apps Xaps for other sites like torrent sites or you can search and download windows phone apps or games Xap files and just side load them to your windows phone device . So you can Download the Jailbreaking tools here and jailbreak your windows phone your self from the comfort of your own home, and enjoy...

Developer Unlock | Chinese Jailbreak Toll To Windows Phone (8/8.1) and can Side load 10 XAPs

Chinese Jailbreak Tool v4.6

Chinese Jailbreak Tool v4.4

First You Can Try The Latest Version (Windows Phone Jailbreak Tool v4.6) And If It Not Working For ( If in case your Operating system of your Personal Computer  or , your windows phone Doesn't Support or maybe some other factors  may not be comfortable with this version of windows phone jailbreak tool, please try another version 

Windows Phone Jailbreaking Important (read me)

Hai everybody Welcome to windows phone hub plus
This is the smiple and easiest way to developer unlock your any windows phone device and you don't need to use any live id or edu id, Follow Our Simple and easy Steps and You Should Have A Developer Unlocked Device , Enjoy Your Jailbreak .

Watch Video Tutorial

Before Starting To Jailbreak Your Windows Phone Device Please Make Sure That You read the whole post at least twice, read it and understand the steps well.

Step 1. Unregister Your Windows Phone Device If it's Already have been registered

Step 2. Check Both Your Windows Phone Device And Your Personal Computer and make sure they are all up to date (Updated).

Step 3. Disconnect Both Your Phone and Personal Computer, if its connected to a WiFi Or an active internet connection (important).

Step 4. Connect Your Windows Phone Device To Your Computer.

Step 5. Make Sure That, Your Windows Phone Device Screen is On and Pin Unlocked. And Make Sure Your Device has been Detected by the computer.

Step 6. Now You Can Connect to Internet On Both Your Windows Phone Device And Computer ,and side load 10xap's (You Can Remove The 10 Xap's Limit Now , Visit Our Tricks Page , Og to the top of you page and on the menu bar select "Tricks" and there you can see the 10 Xap's limit removing trick , enjoy unlimited free side load.

Problems And Solution,etc.  (more) keep reading 

#1. Blue button not working ? 

If Your Standard USB (Universal Serial Bus) Drivers Will Not Work, Then You Need To  Install 

In Order To Mannualy Update Your Windows Phone Device USB Driver, Follow The Simple Steps Below (Step By Step)

Step 1. Go to your Device Manager (Right Click On My Computer icon, and Choose Mange and then Find Your Device Manager in the left Side Of The Control Panel.

Step 2. Click The Right Mouse Button ON The Hardware Device You Wish To Update and then Choose Update Driver Software.

Step 3. And Choose and select the file location of now device driver manually and then browse to the folder where you downloaded the driver software.

#2. Download & Install .net Framework 4.5.1  

Steps to fix errors, by windows phone hub plus.

1. I got My Nokia Lumia 920 With windows phone 8.1 Opareting System , Developer's Preview Installed.

2. I installed the app as the above give instruction,

3. Disable Unplug Internet Connection From My Computer ,And i run the app it will ask me for update then i will choose not to update.

4. I Disable WiFi And Network Data Connection (Disable Internet) On My Nokia Lumia 920.

5. After it Shows A Blue button, I reconnect both the Internet Connection To my Nokia Lumia 920 and to my Computer.

6.And I Clicked The Blue Button.

7. And I Wait For A While..

8. After That I got an error About some script or something , but my Nokia Lumia 920 is Unlocked for Deploy (Side Lode ) 10 apps (Xap's)

9. Try Unplug Your Phone And Plug it Back Again, If the tool still shows You Nokia Lumia 920, It is Unlocked.

Now You Can Download The Appropriate Version of  This Chinese Jailbreak Tool app to your PC (Personal Computer) And Install it (It's Chinese) :-

New Windows Phone Jailbreak Tool (v4.6): Windows Phone Developer Unlock Chinese Jailbreak Tool

Windows Phone Jailbreak Tool (v4.4): Windows Phone Developer Unlock Chinese Jailbreak Tool

Only Use Below Given Old Version Of Chinese Jailbreak Tool if The new tool is having any issues on you computer (PC)
Old Modified Windows Phone Jailbreak Tool (v3.0.0.0) : Windows Phone Developer UnlockChinese Jailbreak Tool (Only if above tool are does't work for you)


Click The Blue Button In Order to Jailbreak (Unlock) Your Windows Phone Device , as i mentioned above , and wait some time, after a while your Windows Phone Device Will be a Developer Unlocked Windows Phone Device. And you can side load 10 Xap's (apps or games) to your Windows Phone device.(Maximum Unsigned Xap's (apps & games) Just 10)

But Don't Get afraid of the limits , try this trick below (it will gives you the ability to side load Unlimited apps & games Xaps, To your Windows Phone Device 

Install Now The Windows Phone Power Tools Or XAP Deployer 2.0  To Deploy Apps And Games (XAP') To Your Windows Phone Device, Download it now from our blog.

Note- Use The Windows Phone Jailbreak Tool Only To Unlock Your Windows Phone Device . For Deploying Apps & Games XAP's,You  Should use XAP Deployer 2.0 or Windows Phone Power Tool.

Thank You.

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