PC Remote – Windows Phone Xap

PC Remote – Windows Phone Xap
PC Remote – Windows Phone Xap

Patched Xap

We believe that you can enjoy your media contents on your PC relaxing on the couch, bed, or even from another room. We want you to sit comfortably and enjoy your multimedia rather than surrounded by keyboard and mouse.
• Mouse: Left, right clicks, scrolling, zooming, drag n drop multi finger gestures, Win 8 gestures like swipe from edges
• Keyboard: type from phone – full keyboard support including control, shift, alt, tab, function and other special keys
• Remote Desktop without locking PC: view PC screen at phone, use keyboard to type, zoom, windows 8 and multi finger gestures.
• Volume control
• YouTube: search YouTube in the app and with one tap play them on PC
• Windows Media Center: fully control Windows Media Center from phone
• Custom remote
• Zune: view and play playlist and song
• iTunes, Spotify, Media Player Classic, XMBC, VLC, Netflix, Hulu
• PowerPoint remote
• Wake up PC
• Power controls: shutdown, logoff, sleep, hibernate, turn on/off monitors etc.
• Password protection, Encrypted data transfer, Domain network support
Features in PC Remote Pro:
• No ads
• Windows 8 gestures like swipe from edges
• Custom remote
• Auto-connect shortcut by creating tile at start, Pin each remote to start.
• Wake up PC
• Copy and paste text from phone to PC
• View and play Zune playlist and songs
• Manage favorite apps
• View Files/folder of PC and open them with one click.
• Transfer files to and from PC with one click.
• Multiple monitor support in Remote Desktop
• PC Remote Server running on target PC (install from www.PCRemoteServer.com).
What’s new in this version?
Fixes in File Remote to prevent crashes.
Fixes in Youtube remote that caused no videos to be returned and other fixes.

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