Pure Battery Indicator PRO v3.0.0.2 – Windows Phone Xap

Pure Battery Indicator PRO v3.0.0.2 – Windows Phone Xap
Pure Battery Indicator PRO v3.0.0.2 – Windows Phone Xap

Patched Xap

You like simple and efficient apps? then here’s:
PureBatteryIndicator – designed for the purpose of simplicity and the objective of battery indication.

– Battery Live Tile showing the battery percentage on Start Screen
– A Lock Screen Tile that displays remaining battery percentage.
– Battery Notifications in the notifications bar.
– Set your own text on lock screen and Glance screen.
– Minute tile updates Info.
– Full charge alarm,tile settings,low battery and custom timed notifications.
– Night mode settings to turn off battery notifications during nights.
– Battery remaining estimations for calls; games; and for browsing all close packed in minimal app size.
Experience the difference !
Why pure Battery Indicator when have many on the store?
– This application has been specifically designed to minimize the CPU cycle usage by not computing graphs; logs and other stuff; thus saving battery and meeting the sole purpose of remaining battery percent indication.
So, No dump stuff.
-Also, pure Battery Indicator does not continuously monitor your battery thus again not consuming your battery. It updates it’s content between every (your desired) minutes; if you want you can update content anytime by launching the app.
– The only very low memory battery app available on the store.
(download size: 930 KB, Windows stores shows you the upper limit 1 MB or more)

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