Music Import v1.2.5.5 – Windows Phone Xap

Music Import v1.2.5.5 – Windows Phone Xap
Music Import v1.2.5.5 – Windows Phone Xap
Patched Xap

Music Import is the best Music Downloader available because it is the easiest to use, full featured MP3 Downloader available on Windows Phone!
Search, download song, press ellipse button, select import to xbox music, edit ID3 track info (optional), select Album Art (optional) and hit the “+” button and that’s really all there is to it!!!
Full track info editing before importing into the music library is supported, so no more in your song names!
Music Import does not store or share personal information, location data or any other information about you.
You can import up to 2 songs in the trial, so feel free to give it a go, we know you are going to be impressed!
For support please don’t hesitate to email or tweet @CheekyGhostApps
Disclaimer: Cheeky Ghost Apps does not host or store any of the music found in the app. The music is found from online providers and you download the content at the consent of the music provider the song comes from and not Cheeky Ghost Apps. Terms of use include adhering to copyright laws in your legal jurisdiction. For example, some legal jurisdictions allow you to make digital copies of songs you own on a disc.
v1.2.4.5 – More Music
v1.2.5.5 – Backend tweakage

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