maaloo Outdoor v2.3.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

maaloo Outdoor v2.3.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap
maaloo Outdoor v2.3.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

Cracked Xap for all windows phone devices

Outdoor, GPS, Offline Maps, HERE map, Tracks, Routes
maaloo Outdoor is an outdoor app designed for hiking, biking and all other outdoor activities.
The offline capabilities allow to navigate in areas without online access.
Download maps for offline use. Nokia HERE maps integrated for offline use.
Search for tracks from
Import and export tracks from Dropbox or OneDrive.
Record your tracks and show tracks on map. Navigate to POIs.
New! Calculate routes for pedestrians, bicycles and cars. (requires internet)
New! Tracks can be edited, move points, delete and add. Plan your routes directly in the app, with simple finger clicks.
This app is your perfect partner for your outdoor activities!
Map features:
* Download some maps for offline use
* OpenStreetMap, Cycle and Hike maps with many details
* Map Rotation by Compass or GPS-Direction
* Show transparent Compass-overlay on map
* User defined map provider, use your local map tile server
Track/Route features:
* Record your path as track
* Automatic creation of routes for pedestrian, bicycle or car (requires internet)
* Plan your route with self-edited tracks / routes
* Complete finished tracks (shift points, delete, add)
* Statistics of tracks
* Import and export GPX-tracks by Cloud
* Search and import of tracks from
* automatic nearby search of tracks
* supports hiking, jogging and bike trails
GPS features:
* GPS Monitor (show speed, pace, trip counter, ETA, ..)
* UTM and DMM coordinates
POI/Waypoint features:
* Add your own waypoints
* Navigate to waypoints
* Proximity alert by speech or sound
* Import and export waypoints by Cloud
Geocaching features:
* supports Traditional, Multi and other types of caches
* Import Pocket Queries from Cloud or file
* Add and edit your own stages to Caches
+ Create routes for pedestrians, bicycle and car
+ Rangefinder with GoTo function
+ Softer calculation of speed
+ Recorded track is cached
+ Compass emulation from GPS-direction for phones without compass chip
+ SD-card uses map files from Downloads-folder alternative to map-folder
+ Improved Login to Geocaching-InApp
+ Information to the waypoint at center of map display (optional)
+ Add geocaching functionality as InApp
+ Instructions on various topics under Info / Help
+ Editing of track points (move, delete, add)
+ Add own tracks / routes by hand
+ OSM map faster to use
+ show track points in map
+ show info for each track point in map
+ bugfix track index
+ easy measurment of distances on map
+ better automatic switch from buttons to info fields on map
+ download current map view from menu
+ greater font for info fields in map

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