[WindowsPhone8.1] ABBYY Business Card Reader v1.0.0.43 – Windows Phone Appx

[WindowsPhone8.1] ABBYY Business Card Reader v1.0.0.43 – Windows Phone Appx

ABBYY Business Card Reader v1.0.0.43 – Windows Phone Appx

Patched Appx

ABBYY Business Card Reader is a powerful contact data management application that makes it effortless to enter and manage your business contacts. BCR quickly and accurately recognizes contact data from business cards in as many as 21 languages and automatically saves them in Contacts or app’s own digital storage – the CardHolder.

Anyone who relies on business cards as part of their workflow will find Business Card Reader invaluable. The hours it saves professionals from having to manually enter contact data makes it a must-have for people in virtually any organization including sales, human resources, public relations, business development and marketing.
• Forget having to manually enter contact details into your smartphone. Unsurpassed data recognition and speed based on famous ABBYY Mobile OCR technology, eliminate having to correct or re-key business cards data, making creating new contacts easy and automatic.
• Digitized contacts can be stored
• CardHolder, the BCR’s own storage, provides convenient business card search and sorting by name, company and date.
• Crop automatically cuts off all the background of the business card’s photo, making it looking like a real-life business card in the CardHolder.
• Text notes to cards easy to make, edit, look through and find in BCR’s storage.
• Forward recognized contact data via e-mail in *.vcf
• Search in Maps for the address of your contact
• Recognize business cards in 21 languages, including multilingual cards

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