Amazing Weather HD v4.3.0.6 – Windows Phone XAP

Amazing Weather HD v4.3.0.6 – Windows Phone XAP
Amazing Weather HD v4.3.0.6 – Windows Phone XAP
Wp8 & 8.1 Patched Xap
** Updated 3 Nov, 2013 **
– Better support for
– Fixed lock screen updates not matching weather.
– Added new Simplified Chinese and Hungarian languages.
– Added optional usage statistics.
Updated 27. May 2013 **
– Increased lock screen sharpness and resolution.
– Choose any picture / album from your phone as a lock screen.
– Bug fixes and live tile enhancements.
**Updated February 1st, 2013 v4.1.0 HD**
– New dynamic lock screens in two themes.
– New Live tiles with mix and match option for all sizes, small, medium and wide.
* Updated November 30, 2012 v 4.0.4**
– New Clear Weather Animations.
– New Live tiles.
– Double tap to enjoy animations.
– Fixed Weather Alerts for Finnish And German Languages.
– Weather Alerts for Europe provided by MeteoAlarm.
– Free upgrade to Amazing Weather HD for WP8!
– V3.6.2:
– Redesigned the hourly data view, with full hour by hour forecast.
– V3.6:
– HUGE performance improvement, around 3X faster than previous version, the app now launches in less than 1.5 sec.
– Added new rainfall chart.
Enjoy using the most beautiful weather app which offers not only unique Metro themes and animations, but also very detailed weather information,
hourly data,charts, warnings, satellite images, detailed forecasts, GPS live tiles and much much more!
-Unique attractive UI with three distinct themes!
-3 Live tiles with auto location feature using GPS.
-5 different cities and an optional auto location using GPS.
-Customizable Live tiles themes for each city and two cool themes.
-Weather Alerts.
-Astonishing animations based on current conditions, and daily forecast.
-Detailed current conditions data including UV, wind,visibility, humidity, pressure and more.
-Seven days quick view weather forecast.
-Detailed text and daily forecast.-Radar, infrared and satellite imagery.
-Access to nearby Personal weather stations using GPS location.
-Access to nearest station using GPS location.
-Weather data provided by Weather Underground.
“A weather application like no other, Amazing Weather brings to you the most engaging weather experience ever on a WP7 Device!
More amazing updates are in the works!

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