Easy Transfer Pro v2.3.0.1 – Windows Phone Xap

Easy Transfer Pro v2.3.0.1 – Windows Phone Xap
Easy Transfer Pro v2.3.0.1 – Windows Phone Xap

Patched Xap
Easy Transfer let you easily upload or download pictures ,musics,videos and files over wifi.
However,it is not all, it even can play your music and video in your browser.

*multiple transfer and password protection are supported in full version.
1.Transfer files just by wifi and browser,no USB cable,no any other software;
2.Transfer photos,musics,viedeos and files between kinds of devices over wifi,it even support ipad, mac and android devices;
3.Play music and video directly in your browser (mp3 and mp4),no longer limited to the small screen of mobile phone;
4.You can download multiple files at once, Easy Transfer will automatically help you pack into a compressed file;
5.Password protection can be trusted, when be attacked will close itself, in order to ensure your safety.
Browsers support:IE9~IE11,Firefox,Chrome,Safari,Opera
SD card support:
1.just as every app which support SD card,Easy Transfer does not support all file types, it only supports the following types:
(1) system: xap
(2) image: jpg,png,gif,bmp
(3) music: mp3,amr
(4) video:mp4,mkv,wmv,avi
(5) archiver:zip,rar,7z
(6) document:docx,xlsx,pptx,txt,pdf,epub
2.For the file formats which can not support,when upload will automatically add the suffix “.RemoveThisSuffix.mkv”, and you can rename it with file manager.
e.g,a file named”001.xyz”;
when upload ,it be will automatically saved as”001.xyz.RemoveThisSuffix.mkv”,and than you can rename it to”001.xyz” with file manager;
when download,you should rename it to”001.xyz.mkv”,and than download it , rename it to”001.xyz” with the file manager of other devices.
******To Users******
1.Easy Transfer Pro never ask for or intereste in 5 Stars.We see Review as a chat box between users and users ,deveplovers and users.
So,never 5 Stars,but what you really want to say to deveplovers and other users.
2.If you use Easy transfer Pro in your own wifi access or open interert share to transfer files,password security is not needed,because the wifi has powerful Security provides.
but if you use Easy Transfer Pro in an unsafe wifi access just like in a cafe,you should enable the password security.
******V2.3.1.0 Update log******
1.Support multiple delete;

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