Xap Deployer 2.0

Windows Phone 8/8.1 Xap Deployer 2.0 Tool to Deploy (side load) Windows Phone 8/8.1 Xap To Your Windows Phone Device.

         Windows Phone 8/8.1 Xap Deployer 2.0  [ PC Tool To Deploy Your Xap's To Your Windows Phone Device 

Watch The Xap Deployer 2.0 Tutorial Video

This version of Xap Deployer tool support  Windows Phone 8/8.1 and the New Windows Phone Simulator .

Please Read (Important)

Before Launching The Xap Deployer , Please Install Windows Phone 8 SDK (Software Development Kit) or The Xap Deployer may not be launch. To use Xap Deployer your Windows Phone Must be Jailbreaked or Unlocked (Unlock root.

When deploying apps on the machine Windows Phone 8 , the Zune Software  doesn't need anymore.

Conversely, If You Have already installed the SDK  ( Software Development Kit )   Windows Phone Device that want to deploy on wp7. Still need to keep your Zlune Software for windows phone & and Zone software are still open as before.

Download WP8 SDK (Software  Development  Kit)  Very Important.

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