Windows Phone 10 Insider App

Windows Phone 10 Insider App Now Available | Get Ready For Windows Phone 10 Pre Release.

The Windows Phone Insider app now available, Get ready for Windows Phonw 10 Pre Release 
(The Phone Insider app will gives your window phone device the  ability to upgread or update your current windows phone 8 or 8.1 OS to the latest version The Windows Phone 10!.)

Microsoft is just around the corner from unveiling a brand new build of windows 10, which will include a number of new features and changes. Along with  unveiling of these  new features, Microsoft is also rumored to be planning to unveil WP 10 too, which may ultimately be called Windows Mobile 10.

And Today, a new app titled Phone insider appeared in the WP Store, Which "provides registered Windows Insiders ability to receive pre-release OS updates on their phone, directly form Microsoft," Right now, normal insider are unable to into the app, as it's currently only available for internal Microsoft employees. 

Nawzil On Twitter claims the app will be updated soon which will enable  normal Windows Insiders to sign in, allowing them to receive Pre-release OS (Operating System) updates. it looks like this app will eventually enable your phone to updated to widow mobile 10, which is definitely exciting.

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