[WindowsPhone8.1] Tile Editor 8.1 v1.1.2.8 – Windows Phone Appx

[WindowsPhone8.1] Tile Editor 8.1 v1.1.2.8 – Windows Phone Appx

Tile Editor 8.1 v1.1.2.8 – Windows Phone Appx

Patched Appx

From the creators of Movie Maker 8.1, the most full featured Tile customization app available on the Store.
Combine your creativity with the powerful but easy editing tools of Tile Editor to create absolutely unique Tiles you friend simply cannot have :)

Tile Editor is the most advanced Transparent tile editor you can find, create awesome effects with its unique cross-transparency multi-layer designer!!
★ multi layer designer: duplicate, flip h/v, scale, move, rotate, alpha blend, fill color, textures, opacity, borders, invert
★ tile projects management
★ decoration tiles
★ shortcut to apps
★ shortcut to settings
★ shortcut to web pages
★ shortcut to contact email
★ shortcut to contact sms
★ shortcut to contact phone
★ shortcut to image, video or song
★ separated design for small, medium and wide tiles
★ cross transparency
★ rich collection of shaped and app icons
★ special Arale iconset
★ add text: font, size, style
★ clone project
★ clone tile (re-pin)
★ Fortumo: pay via sms (Microsoft Approved)
★ unlock codes for enabling secret icons ;)
Trial edition (evaluation): limited to one pinned tile and three layers.
Currently it it not allowed to scan for all installed apps and show app notifications. Not all apps can be launched too (it’s a developer choice).
You need Windows Phone 8.1 to run this app, if you still haven’t it, just search the Store for the free app ‘Preview for All’, and run it :)
– launch sms/email with pre-filled text
– launch images, videos and play audio tracks
– enter custom uri
– clone project
– clone tile (re-pins)

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